Terms & Conditions

This agreement is between 1st party (One Sky Communications Limited) and 2nd party (End User). The details terms & conditions of this agreement is given below:

01 Connectivity charge and configuration charge should be paid to 1st party before or at the time of installation, which is non-refundable.
02. Monthly rent should be paid in advance to 1st party within 6th day of each month otherwise line will be temporarily barred without any written notice.
03. The second party must pay 15% VAT, Govt. TAX etc, which is applicable as per govt. rules and regulation.
04. All fees are non-refundable, in whole or in part, even if order is suspended or cancelled prior to the end of month. 1st party reserves the right to amend, increase or decrease fees at any time, for any reason, at sole discretion.
05. Client should pay the total bill (connection fees & one month advance bill) with the work order through account payee check in favor of One Sky Communications Limited.
06. 1st Party is not responsible if the line is interrupted due to natural disaster. If any disturbance or service interruption occurs by natural disaster or due to maintenance or failure of power supply or any unwanted reason, then 2 party cannot make any claim for any discount on monthly bill.

07. Individual user has to provide one copy of passport size photograph and copy of National ID card or copy of passport.
08. Corporate user has to provide a copy of valid trade licenie with company seal.
09. Foreigner's clients must have to provide photocopy of their passport.
10.1 For insufficient documents, connection will not be established, but if it has to done in any case then connection could be disconnected without prior notice due to insufficient documents.
10.2 Individual User under 18years old, agreement should be signed by his/her guardian.

11. 1st party will provide 24 hours HOT LINE customer service and visit service at office hours only.
12. 1st party will provide one-month free service. After free service period per visit will be charged TK 200 at least.
13. For windows reinstallation & virus cleaning service charge is TK 500 per service for per workstation, which is payable at the time of service taken.

14. 2nd party should protect their information's, data and allocated IP usages by their own responsibility. The 1st party will not be responsible for any kind of losing data or information's by the illegal cyber intruder or somehow due to leakage of 2nd party's networks.
15. 1st party will not take any responsibility of burning or physical damages of any equipment at clients end. 2nd party will take necessary measure themselves to protect their PC or network PCs from any kind of burning or lighting or thundering or high voltage which could be come from internet LAN cable. In such case 2nd party has to pay the cost of equipments to restore the Internet connection.

16. 2nd party is expected not to perform any illegal activities that affect One Sky Communications Limited or others, which is illegal by the rules of Bangladesh govt. And if One Sky Communications Limited get affected because of 2nd party's illegal activities, then 2 party must bound to give compensation for the loss of Business.
17. Connectivity will be established within 7-10 days after receiving the work order.
18. Client is not allowed to give connection to any other else or in any other offices without written permission of 1st party, In the case of violation of this rule, 1st party will charge fine to 2nd party, and 1st party will determine the fine amount.
19. After termination 2nd party should returned all equipments, such as Radio Modem Surge protector, UPS, IPS, Switch, Router, Fiber cable, Media Converter etc).

20. The minimum contract period of this Internet service agreement is Two years. After two years, this agreement will continue till either party issue any termination notice. If either party wants to terminate the contract any time after first year they need to issue a writien termination notice before 60 days.
21. 1st party owns all the equipments provided to 2nd party for Internet connectivity. After termination 2nd party should refund all equipment such as Radio Modem,
Surge protector, UPS, IPS, Switch, Router, Fiber cable, Media Converter, whatever has provided by One Sky Communications Limited If clients pay the full cost of equipment provided for connectivity then, client need to preserve papers for ownership of the equipments would be provided by One Sky Communications Limited proper authority.
22. If 1st party registers any Domain Name for 2nd party, 2nd party has to pay Tk 1500 per year for domain maintenance and registration. One time domain transfer fee Taka 1500/-
23. All terms & conditions above may be revised or modified by One Sky Communications Limited without prior notice when ever necessary. 1st party reserves the rights to take legal action to realize the dues of the 2nd party and the 2nd parties have to bear all the charges for such legal action.
We have read understood & agreed to follow all the above-mentioned terms and condition and signed. For non-compliance of agreement, either party will enjoy the right of legal action or responsible party will bear all the charges for such legal action.